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Building the Spacestation

We’ve got some pretty lofty goals, which is why we’re looking for people like you—innovators and problem solvers who are ready to throw everything they’ve got at disrupting the markets we play in.

Current Openings.

Spacestation Integrations: Account Manager

Job Overview:

Spacestation Integrations handles all facets of influencer marketing; from budget negotiations, contracts, campaign proposals, content, creative development, and paid ads. Our dedication to being a creator-first agency through authenticity, kindness, and hard work has been the foundation of our growing success – but we can’t do it all on our own.

We’re searching for the right person to assist our team in managing incredible partners, clients, and projects. In this position, you will oversee relationships with content creators, agencies, and brands in order to coordinate paid creator partnerships and brand sponsorships. It will require excellent communication, a knack for creativity, and the ability to problem-solve in tough situations.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Research trends within the industry to identify key partnerships – both with creators and brands.
  • Familiarize yourself with a diverse range of talent across all social platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch.
  • Cultivate relationships with content creators and manage partnerships from conception to completion, including but not limited to: discovery, creative brainstorming, production, scheduling, content review and approval, posting, and data analytics. Work closely with our impeccable in-house accounting team for invoicing.
  • Compile data analytics after each campaign as it pertains to the creator’s performance. This can include impressions, views, watch time, click-through rate, link visits, follows, and more.
  • Collaborate with internal teams to develop creative, passionate, industry-shaking campaigns. We’re crafting our legacy with every single project.

Specific Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Communicating effectively, concisely, and with personality is key both within our team and with creators and brands. If you feel inclined, we’d love to see any content writing examples or event management experience you feel would be applicable.
  • Ingenuity to suggest and implement new ideas is huge. We evolve by hearing from everyone at the table.

Preferred Skills & Experience

  • 1-2 years managing content and/or content creators.
  • Passionate about social media marketing.
  • Exceptional time and project management skills.
  • College degrees are nice but definitely not required.

Job Type: Full-time


$60k/yr + performance bonuses

401k matching (eligible after 60 days)

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Spacestation Integrations: Creator Relationship Specialist

Job Overview:

Spacestation Integrations is the creator’s agency. Content creation is at the core of what we do. We’re searching for the right person to assist our team in finding content creators to form a genuine working relationship.

You will be the driving force behind our creator relationships. Your role is imperative to the success of each campaign. It will require a go-getter attitude that is unflappable in the midst of challenges. The ability to be personable and well-spoken are must-haves.

Essential Responsibilities:

– Reach out and form a genuine connection with content creators who will be a good fit for the brands we are working with.

– Work side by side with our Integration Managers to develop a list of creators to present to brands. A narrow, pinpoint focus is crucial when gathering creators for lists.

– Organizational expertise will be vital to your role; key, all-important, pivotal to your success.



401k matching (eligible after 60 days)

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Nebula Design Team: Senior Designer

We are a versatile, thoughtful, fast-acting agency, crafting creative solutions, covering everything from ideation to design to even motion graphics. Everyone on our crew has an equal voice to create the best possible outcome for Spacestation companies and external clients. We are quickly expanding to meet the growing needs of our partnerships and pushing the boundaries of what creatives can accomplish.

We’re looking to expand our team! If you’re looking to work with brands, big and small, expand your skillset, and bring your talents to the next level. Spacestation is the place to do it.

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Shonduras Inc. Content Team

Shonduras Inc is a collaborative team that focuses the Shonduras and A for Adley brands. We work as a team to prepare content across all platforms and stay engaged with all our communities.

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Shonduras Inc. Brand Manager

Shonduras Inc is a collaborative team that focuses the Shonduras and A for Adley brands. This specific role is to help build and develop both these brands to their full potential. The opportunity and vision is set, i would love to have someone to work with me to achieve it.

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